The project is curated by Eleonora Angiolini for Contemporary Attitude.
The founding values of BENNU - environmental and social responsibility, and gender fluidity - are reinterpreted in two capsule collection signed by the artists Martina Camani and Verde Edrev.

Ferula is the first capsule collection, signed by Verde Edrev. Symbols and mythological figures are spread all over the clothes as literary images coming from Ferula (Asafoetida), the tale conceived by the artist as the heart of the project. Verde Edrev abandons the nudity of the body, a key element of her production, to imagine embroidery works that turn the dress into an element of protection, liberation and at the same time renouncement of sexual difference.
With Adolesco, Martina Camani is providing continuity to the research in the field of animal studies that began in 2019 with the installation and textile work Angeli - Animali dell'Anima, focusing on the theme of adolescence in the animal kingdom and language.
The project is introduced by the homonymous video signed by film director Alessandra Gaglioti, with music by Giacomo Vanelli. The director has shown the development of the design concept by accompanying the narrative voice of the artists with an intimate and documentary perspective, making remote shots of domestic spaces, sketches and drafts useful for comprehending the conceptual development of Ferula and Adolesco.
Chapter I
Verde Edrev / Ferula 
out on 21.02.2022

Chapter II
Martina Camani / Adolesco
out on 19.09.2022
Contemporary Attitude is a contemporary art platform, which focuses its research on the relationship between art and fashion. Born from the collaboration between the curator Eleonora Angiolini and the artist Alessio de Girolamo, it was founded in January 2019 together with the independent curator Giuliana Benassi. It involves numerous artists in the creation and manufacturing of clothes and accessories, artworks, wearable sculptures. 

The initial idea of an e-commerce that would help expand the art market and support the work of artists has evolved since February 2020 into a platform that, under the direction of Eleonora Angiolini, has seen the curatorship of exhibitions and performances and content for the web, alongside the creation of a growing online archive dedicated to sculptural objects and wearable works that categorize artistic research and its relationship with fashion in a practice that has always been woven into the language of art.
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Verde Edrev was born in Florence, in 1995. She lives and works between London and Italy. Her work is expressed through painting, airbrushing and installation. Her poetic observation of reality aims to emphasize the private and intimate sphere of human’s life. Intimacy is seen as a space of interaction in which we recognize each other by eradicating social inequalities. Referring to classical elements of the history of art - such as the nude - Verde Edrev shifts the debate to the priority of the body as a component of self acceptance and collective growth rather than a passive figure to replicate.
After a BA in History of Art and Art Education at Accademia di Brera in Milan in 2018; she graduated with an MA in Fine Arts at City and Guilds of London Art School.
Among the most recent shows: A tiny bit of fire, Warbling Collective, London, 2021; Ricordami che ti devo dire una cosa, Salotto Studio, Milan, 2021; Tell Me More, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rome, 2020; So Close So Good, Numeroventi, Florence, 2020; This is the House We Built, private space, London, 2020. She also collaborates in Educational projects: Ti regalo un’idea, Museo di Santa Maria della Scala, Siena, 2020.
Martina Camani was born in Vicenza in 1994. In 2016 she took the bachelor's degree in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and concluded in 2019 her master's degree at the IUAV in Venice in Visual Arts and Fashion. In 2016 she was the founder of the theater company Teatro della Cenere; the same year she won the popular jury prize at the Combat Prize in Livorno. She participates in several national and international exhibitions: They Shines With Both (Musei Civici, Vicenza, IT, 2018); The Usless Land (Castello di Lajone, Alessandria, IT, 2018); Persona (Institute of Psychoanalysis, London, UK, 2018); Infiammazione Frontale (MoNA - Museum of New Art, Cologna Veneta-VR, IT, 2019); FEMMA – Collettiva indotta (Step by Step, Padua, IT, 2019); Ho rubato un giardino (Casa Capra, Schio-VI, IT, 2019); Pelle d’oca (Villa Vertua Masolo, Milan, IT, 2019); ReA! Fair (La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, IT, 2020); Santa Carne (AB23, Vicenza, IT, 2020); Fitness Bodies - Remembrance from the Lethe (Co_atto, Milan, 2021).
In 2019 she receives the mention of the jury for emerging art at the Francesco Fabbri Award for Contemporary Arts, curated by Carlo Sala and she is a trainer at the residency for the Santa Carne project organized by Teatro della Cenere, L.S.L.C. and Piero Martinello, with whom she published the fanzine of the same name in March 2020.
In 2021 she takes part in the Nauforia artistic residency on the Moana60 sailboat and she works as a performer in Bruce Nauman’s exhibition at Punta della Dogana - Venice. Since June 2021 she’s a resident artist at MAC - Artist Studios, Padua; and since January 2019 she’s a resident artist at Il Salotto, an independent art studio, Vicenza.
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